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Competition Winner

Pet portraits;cat and dog

I can finally reveal the portrait given to the winner of the Facebook competition I held earlier this year.

After several weeks trying to capture Brian and Ben on camera, their owner finally succeeded. Who knew animals could be so camera shy! Impossible to get them to pose together, and having met these two, I could judge their size fairly well. As you can see, they are quite similar in build.

As with most of my commissioned portraits, this one has been done with black fineliner pens on acid free, cotton paper, so, with the right care it should last for years and years. The fineliners allow me to get in as much of the little details as possible and differentiate between the different characteristics of the fur, eyes etc. Brian had a short, smooth coat, whilst Ben’s is longer and more wiry.

I thoroughly enjoyed drawing these two, and their owner was extremely happy with the end result too. A good result for everyone.

You can compare the real Brian and Ben with their portrait by looking in Commissions-Portraits


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